Disability Services


Disability Liaison Officer

The Disability Liaison Officer (DLO) can provide advice on how particular disabilities affect university study and information on resources available at the University for assisting students with disability.

Students who need assistance during their studies should contact the Disability Liaison Officer by:

  • Phone (02) 4221 4942
  • Fax (02) 4221 5667
  • Email: uowdlo@uow.edu.au 
  • Visit the office located on the third floor of the UniCentre building.

Students commencing courses are advised to contact the Disability Liaison Officer prior to the beginning of their first session of study.

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Registration of Disability

In order to make use of the facilities available at the University, students must first register with the Disability Liaison Officer by providing a recent specialist's assessment of their disability. This specialist assessment should also provide advice to the University on the type of assistance students may require in order to pursue their studies. This information enables the University to provide appropriate assistance and make wise use of public funds provided to Universities. Generally, mobility difficulties and medical conditions require documentation from a medical specialist; learning difficulties require assessment from an educational psychologist or consultant; psychiatric disabilities require assessment from a psychiatrist or clinical psychologist. The DLO can advise students on the forms of assessment which are acceptable to the University. Registered students should advise the DLO if they alter their subject enrolment, take leave of absence or discontinue their studies.

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Disclosure Permission

In most cases, it is in the best interest of students with a disability or medical condition to inform teaching staff of their needs. This enables staff to adapt their teaching practice to a specific disability. If students sign a disclosure consent form the DLO can communicate their needs to teaching staff. Alternatively, students can speak to teaching staff about what they require.

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Independent Learning Program

Once registered, the Disability Liaison Officer can provide referral to the University's programs and resources for students with disability. The DLO will discuss the setting up of an Independent Learning Program which will involve assessing the skills needed to meet the demands of the course; how to develop these skills and the resources which the University can provide. This may involve developing study skills in a manner which is appropriate for a specific disability; learning to use assistive technology or making use of resources such as notetakers or alternative assessment systems.

Last reviewed: 4 September, 2018