Learning Development

Learning Development

Free Assistance For Your Study Needs

Learning Development offers assistance to all enrolled students who wish to improve their academic and English language skills. Academic skills workshops, self access learning resources and individual consultations are provided at the Bega campus.


Learning Development offers academic skills workshops at the campus which include:

  • Reading for Assignments
  • Academic Writing
  • Maths Support
  • Exam Preparation

All workshops are completely free. To find out about these workshop programs you need to contact the UOW Bega campus Manager on 6494 7035. Timetables of the workshops will be posted around campus at the beginning of each semester.

Successful Transitions Workshops Handouts


Learning Development provides a range of printable writing and study skills resources to help you improve your academic performance at University. These resources are free and include information on

  • time management
  • study techniques
  • academic writing
  • essay writing
  • report writing
  • note-taking
  • critical thinking
  • mathematics skills 

Academic Assignment Assistance (TripleA)

TripleA is a website specifically designed to assist students with the research, language and literacy demands of academic work. This site provides a range of easily accessible resources and tips to guide you through the various stages of assignment preparation, writing and exam taking. TripleA also provides links to relevant sections of the UniLearing website for further assistance.

Access to the site is free and unrestricted.

Visit the TripleA website

UniLearning: University writing and study skills website

Learning Development has developed an interactive website containing information on the types of writing and study skills you require at University. The site is extremely
comprehensive, providing a wide range of information and interactive activities to help you practise and develop your academic skills. These activities are assessed immediately and feedback is provided to help direct your learning. This site can function as a point of reference to find information on specific academic skills or you may wish to use it as a tutorial and work your way gradually through all the resources.

The topics covered on the website include

  • effective writing at a university level
  • academic writing
  • essay writing
  • report writing
  • note-taking
  • critical thinking
  • punctuation and grammar of writing sentences

Access to the site is free and unrestricted.

UniLearning website

Faculty Programs

Learning Development also runs programs on academic skills within Faculties. Most programs are offered within first year subjects and are tailored to meet the needs of students within particular disciplines. Students or staff can request that Learning Development provide such programs within their faculties or subjects.

Last reviewed: 20 May, 2015

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